P2 Filter - Pollution Prevention


The P2 Filter is an insertable filter for curb inlets featuring a unique chambered design that captures floatables as well as sediment and other pollutants. It provides one of the largest filtration surface areas on the market today and has been designed with a high flow bypass to eliminate potential flooding.


Best Management Practice that can be used in any storm drain inlet that receives high levels of sediment, debris and other pollutants. The P2 Filter insert is equally effective when installed in side slope or sump inlets.


The P2 Filter insert can be used in conjunction with various types of filter mediums to meet the filtration requirements on your project. When used alone it is effective for capturing floatables and debris. It can be used with either large or small sieve size filter media or the desired filter medium can be paired with hydrocarbon filter products, allowing for the capture of sediments, debris, floatables and hydrocarbons.
The P2 Filter insert is designed for use in a series, allowing the capture of pollutants in any size inlet.


  • Insert Chamber
  • Width 11” US PATENT # 5,405,539
  • Length 11”
  • Height 22”
  • Filtration surface area 6.3 sf.
  • 10’ curb inlet system
  • Insert chambers 10 each
  • °Filtration capacity 9765 gallons per minute / 21.5 cubic feet per second
  • Storage capacity 115 gallons of sediment and debris
    • Filter medium used WEBTECH Terra Tex NO4 (water flow rate 155 gal/min/sf ASTM D-4491)

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